No matter how great your product or service is, if your logo looks like it was designed by your secretary or downloaded off a clip art site, nobody will give you a chance. If you don’t want paying customers to pass you by in favour of your competition, you need a professional logo and we can design one for you. The Internet is saturated with organisations all vying for top honour within their respective industries. For your business to stand out among the masses, you need an organised, structured, balanced and effective corporate identity. A corporate identity is the means by which you will project your company to prospective clients. Through a recognisable logo, to your company colours and the types of paper you use, to how you behave as an organisation in business practice – your ethos and operating technique; all reflects the identity you inhabit within trade and business procedure. Similarly, the way in which you choose to brand your business, is a large part of successful and recognisable corporate identity maintenance. Your brand should etch itself into the mind set of the client and be the first point to reference when questions regarding where, and with whom to do business within your industry, are raised. The overall impression of a corporate identity is affected not only by its design, but also by the quality of paper on which it is printed. When selecting which paper to use consider the intended audience, the business, brand or product, and the objectives of the piece. At AdWorx Design Studio, we pride ourselves in being corporate identity specialists. We will work with you extensively and help you maintain a professional and recognisable business image. Combining the visual (logo, colour scheme, paper, brand), with business mind set (appropriate business practices, advertising, news, ethical product sourcing and selling advice), we include all in business branding and establishment which projects your company name in the most memorable and tasteful way possible. We will help you establish a corporate identity that stands the test of time, and places your business and all that it represents, at the forefront of your industry.