When it comes to converting leads and making impressions your website is where the magic happens.
Make sure your website is optimised for lead generation with this handy checklist.

Welcome/ Homepage

  • Highlight the latest/hottest content
  • Use eye-catching and interesting visuals
  • Write attention grabbing copy
  • Include ways for visitors to op-in to receive content

Website Content

  • Use attention grasping headlines
  • Tie customer needs to solution benefits
  • Make calls-to-action clear and noticeable
  • Use a consistent voice

Landing Pages

  • Include your logo
  • Write a great headline
  • Focus on a single call-to-action
  • Entice visitors to respond to your offer
  • Use plenty of bullet points
  • Feature relevant visuals
  • Include a short form to capture leads
  • Display a ‘Thank You” page pointing to a related offer

Resources Pages

  • Organise your content logically
  • Make your content easily accessible with a single click
  • Include visual thumbnails of each asset
  • Make sure each page is SEO optimised