It is important to communicate your exact requirements with your graphic designer.   Some clients may think their graphic designer have mind reading capabilities and do not provide the exact details for the project.    This can result in project delays and frustration for both parties.   Here is a list of the most basic requirements when creating a successful brief about the project:

  1. Introduction
    Describe your business in a short paragraph. What is your “elevator story”?
  2. Feelings
    What feelings do you want your project to evoke?
  3. Look and Feel
    What aesthetic are you looking for?
  4. Brand position
    Are you a Target or Chanel?
  5. Likes and dislikes
    What brand do you like and dislike? Why?
  6. Competitors
    Who are your closest competitors?
    What makes you different/unique?
  7. Needs
    What exactly do you need at the end of the project?
  8. Budget
    How much have you allocated for the project?
  9. Timeline
    When do you need the project to be completed?

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