Bona Cleaning Services

AdWorx Design Studio created a professional logo design tailored to Bona Cleaning Services’ values and culture.   A strategic approach was implemented to create this unique and distinct logo design.

The meaning behind the visuals:

One of the highest forms of symbolic currency is represented with a handshake.  It has the authority to negotiate peace, seal pacts, divide and unite.   Without using word this simple gesture is most informative.   In the Bona Cleaning Services logo a handshake is used to suggest a partnership between the cleaning team and the client.  It builds trust and ensure that the team will deliver the best service possible.

We incorporated a gear into the Bona Cleaning Services logo to symbolise cooperation.  Something great is produced when gears work together. 

Colour holds power!

We incorporated green and yellow to make this logo visually appealing and memorable to promote the brand.

Yellow is a bright colour which stands out it evokes feelings of warmth, positivity and precision when used in logo design while green is the colour of growth.   Bona Cleaning Solutions also make use of environmental friendly products and the green represents it perfectly. 

The end result:

Custom logo design and brand development is a challenging and stimulating project to indulge in.   Once we received the full project briefing the design process started with brainstorming all the possible ideas to create a foundation for successfully branding Bona Cleaning Services.   We used our intuition and creativity, combined with years of expertise to bring their vision to life and the end result is striking.

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