AdWorx Design Studio, from inspiring and imaginative graphic design to cost effective and well-designed websites… WE DO IT ALL!!!

Welcome to the AdWorx Design Studio website!

Consider me your PARTNER IN DESIGN and let me put my creativity and good business sense to work for you!!!

At AdWorx Design Studio, in Klerksdorp, Northwest we craft completely unique, first class graphic and website designs for the whole of South Africa.  We aim to promote your business in the most effective manner possible. We are skilled, experienced and completely capable of providing equally high-quality branding and other design material, such as:

  • logo designs,
  • stationery,
  • business card design
  • print design,
  • adverts,
  • website design and development
  • domain name registration
  • hosting that works well to promote your business.

AdWorx Design Studio is a full-service design studio in Klerksdorp offering exceptional, distinctive and outstanding graphic and web site design as well as development services.

We acknowledge the fact that your image is an essential part of your business. Your brochures, advertising, web site and other collateral must provide more than just a nice-looking picture. Your image has to work hard for you, with graphics and words tailored to present your story to potential customers, and it is required to have the desired effect on your bottom line.

We apply art to marketing to make your business stand out.  Our graphic design is a creative process that involves the developing ideas, creating visuals, and organizing content for the purpose of selling, marketing, or advertising your business in the most effective manner possible.

The expert manner in which AdWorx Design Studio combines art and business is what makes our graphic designs so unique. Our design is valuable because of what it does for your business. It assist in drawing attention to your products and services by making you stand apart from your competitors.

What we do at AdWorx Design Studio

Website Design

Do you need a website that will be noticeable among your competition, crafted according to your specific requirements?   

Graphic Design

Attention-grabbing,and exclusive printed media design materials are of the utmost significant essentials for a successful business.

Brand Management

An essential element of any company’s marketing plan is an effective identity.

Online Marketing

Creating a successful online identity and presence for your business that is liked and shared.


We’re sure you will agree that almost as important as awe-inspiring design, is unadorned first-rate service. We may not have the endowment of the go on, but we were brought up with good manners, and that way we only make promises if we know we can deliver. Additionally, if you send us an e- mail, you won’t need to speculate if you will receive an apt reply, you can be confident about it.


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